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I'm a Raleigh, North Carolina wedding and family photographer. The true joy of being a photographer lies in the connections forged with remarkable clients and esteemed collaborators in the industry. I relish the privilege of contributing to your significant milestones, immortalizing them through the lens of my camera. I would love to serve you for life's best milestones.




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Have you ever wondered why professional photography comes with a higher price tag? As a seasoned Raleigh photographer, I’ve often been asked this question, and it’s one I welcome. When I first started my journey in photography, I, too, thought that all it took was a good camera and a keen eye. However, over the […]

Micro weddings have become such a beautiful way for couples to celebrate their special day in an intimate and meaningful manner. With a guest list of 50 or fewer, these weddings focus on close friends and family, creating a personal atmosphere that large weddings often miss. If you’re planning a micro wedding, The Cornealius Properties in […]

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