how I started


Back in 2008, my journey with photography began during my graphic design studies with a basic photography course. At that point, handling a DSLR was an enigma to me, yet I found myself captivated by the camera's potential. Eager to grasp its intricacies, I started renting equipment from the school's studio whenever possible. Seeking hands-on experience, I reached out to local wedding photographers, and serendipitously, one of the area's finest photographers required a second photographer. It was a transformative opportunity—I learned extensively from her expertise while using her gear due to the absence of my own camera.

Starbucks Caramel Latte

Tropical vacation

Cadbury Fruit and nut bar

Italian Food

Musical movies

 Cheesecake Factory

Cold Stone Creamery

Sweet wine


The turning point arrived in 2010 when I finally acquired my own camera. An overwhelming surge of creative enthusiasm surged through me; I began photographing everything within my gaze. That same year, I officially registered my photography business and delved into capturing the essence of couples and families, framing weddings, engagements, family sessions, and diverse events.


Driven by an insatiable hunger for knowledge, I enrolled in school in 2012 to expand my proficiency in both photography and videography. The experience was enthralling, and in 2014, I proudly graduated with an associate degree, specializing in still and motion photography.


The evolution continued, marked by a pivotal moment in 2019. Eager to refine my craft, I pursued further education, embarking on courses that not only honed my photographic skills but also enriched my understanding of the business dynamics and the art of posing. These courses played a vital role in shaping my current standing.


The true joy of being a photographer lies in the connections forged with remarkable clients and esteemed collaborators in the industry. I relish the privilege of contributing to your significant milestones, immortalizing them through the lens of my camera.

Clara's Faves


When envisioning future weddings, I'm filled with aspirations to capture the essence of venues like Bradford, the Maxwell, the Distillery in Raleigh, Traine at Seaboard Station, The Aria Venue, The Palm Cary, and an array of other captivating locations. Among the top planners, I'm ardently drawn to collaborating with The Gathering Co., Harmony Weddings NC, and Katie Brooks Events Co. 
My ideal weddings are an embodiment of elegance, embellished with bountiful flowers, delicate pearls, an enchanting palette of light colors, and delectable, stunning cakes. It's within these elements that I find inspiration to craft timeless and exquisite photographic narratives.