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I'm a Raleigh, North Carolina wedding and family photographer. The true joy of being a photographer lies in the connections forged with remarkable clients and esteemed collaborators in the industry. I relish the privilege of contributing to your significant milestones, immortalizing them through the lens of my camera. I would love to serve you for life's best milestones.




Have you ever wondered why professional photography comes with a higher price tag? As a seasoned Raleigh photographer, I’ve often been asked this question, and it’s one I welcome. When I first started my journey in photography, I, too, thought that all it took was a good camera and a keen eye. However, over the […]

Engagement sessions are a critical yet often underestimated part of the wedding planning process. These sessions provide a unique opportunity for couples to connect with their photographer, build confidence in front of the camera, and capture their love story in a relaxed, natural setting. As a natural light photographer in Raleigh, NC, I’ve seen firsthand […]

As a mom, you’re often the one behind the camera, capturing countless moments of your kids but rarely being in the photos yourself. But, it’s so important for you to be part of those memories, too! That’s exactly why I feel so strongly about why moms should hire a family photographer. When you step into […]

Family photo sessions are a wonderful way to capture precious moments and create lasting memories. However, preparing your family, especially young children, for a session can sometimes feel daunting. As a natural light photographer in Raleigh, NC, I’ve gathered some valuable tips on how to prepare your family for a photo session to help ensure […]

Micro weddings have become such a beautiful way for couples to celebrate their special day in an intimate and meaningful manner. With a guest list of 50 or fewer, these weddings focus on close friends and family, creating a personal atmosphere that large weddings often miss. If you’re planning a micro wedding, The Cornealius Properties in […]

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